All about Scootee App

Scootee App is especially designed to assist scooter, moped and motorcycle lovers. Both, the passenger and the driver, can enjoy the ride. Driver receives the gratitude from the passenger and extra cash, the passenger receives a safe ride to the desired destination.

Scootee App doesn’t only provide a brilliant opportunity for customers to find a perfect ride, but also lets the owners of the vehicle to earn some money. Drivers can easily accept the ride request in the driver section of the App and benefit from their ownership.

Scootee App has included a built in navigator function, which lets the driver choose any navigation App on a smart phone or tablet. The driver and the passenger can communicate via chat.  It’s a great deal! This smartphone App is fast, safe and inexpensive.

Scootee App Stands Out

The Reasons You’ll Love It

New Friends

You can easily make big friends - scooter fans like you

Widen your circle of friends and clients

Scootee App is designed to help people who adore scooters and bikes and want to enjoy riding. As a driver you collect the gratuity from your passenger

Extra Income

Scootee App gives an opportunity to have extra income

Ridesharing Experience

Build your own clientage as a driver and dont be dependent on fixed rates. Create you own business and own it with pride. Scootee App provides flexibility for its users and allows to be competitive among other drivers

No Obligations

Driver doesn't register anywhere. Use PayPal account to activate App access

No Registration

You are not obligated to register when using Scootee App. Ride your vehicle without any restrictions or commitments

Easy Navigation

With Scootee choose any navigation App installed on smart phone

Use Your Favourite Navigator

Your favorite navigation App can be used to find the desired destination. The customers geo location is automatically shown on the map

Live Chat

Live Chat helps driver and passenger discuss ride options

Online Interaction via built in Chat

The driver and the passenger can communicate. An extremely simple and handy communication options keeps the conversation flowing between two people


Scootee App can be used anywhere in the world

No geographical limits

Even if you are in the remote area outside the big city, you can still call via Scootee. 100% coverage worldwide

Three Reasons to Ride a Scooter

 Why Scootee App was Created 

Have you ever wondered how does it feel like to not rush to the last bus today? To not run to your destination like a mad man? How it feels like not to chase the last taxi while you are late to an important meeting? School? Work? The feeling of being tied up to a particular bus schedule? Spending money on expensive taxis? Waking up an hour earlier just to reach your destination on time? The creators of the Scootee App know this feeling perfectly, they decided to make millions of peoples lives easier. That’s how the idea of Scootee App was born. After weeks, even months, the perfect idea was finally turned into reality!

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Ergonomic User Interface

Slim user interface. Perfect in it’s simplicity. You will never miss this green button. Tap and hold to get a confirmed ride

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Philosphy We Strive For

We are deeply honored to introduce you, our creation, the Scootee App. This App will become your best friend, savior and your right hand in any situation. No more running after buses, rushing around the town to your destination and no more expensive taxis! The Scootee App is specifically designed to help anyone at any situation, without having to spend a lot of money and stressing over schedules. It’s an extremely simple, useful and fast way to find yourself a safe ride to your destination.The Scootee App team wishes you pleasurable and fast rides! Enjoy!


Friends 50%
Fun 99%
App Design 90%
Adventure 100%

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